Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills Star-Studded Opening for Damien Hirst's Veil Paintings

It was appropriate that the opening of the Damien Hirst’s new body of work titled “Veil Paintings” at the famed Gagosian Gallery was during Oscar week. The Gagosian Oscars show is a much-anticipated annual fixture in the Los Angeles cultural calendar with every iconic artist there and their celebrity collectors right beside them. Famed artists David Hockney, Ed Rusha, and Alex Israel, the iconic architect Frank Gehry, designers Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and Vera Wang, and musicians Anthony Kiedis, Billy Idol, Kanye West, and Flea strolled amongst the crowded venue.  A line of hundreds stretched down Camden Drive trying to get a peek as to who was inside the gallery and, if lucky enough, able to inch their way in to view the beautiful colorful pieces and see the star-studded guests close up. This new collection was inspired by Georges Seurat and the post-impressionist paintings of Pierre Bonnard, “I’ve always loved Bonnard and his color,” Hirst said in a recent Instagram post. “A veil is a barrier, a curtain between two things, something that you can look at and pass through, it’s solid yet invisible and reveals and yet obscures the truth, the thing that we are searching for,” said Hirst of the “Veil Paintings” in a statement issued by the gallery. Art is alive and thriving in Los Angeles!